Thursday, February 3, 2011

CT 30 Headband and Photos (1/31/11)

This started as a tie from the Recycle Reuse place I talked about in my first post. My mom and I went there and I loved the pattern on this sunflowery tie, but I don't wear ties, so I decided to make a headband out of it.

You can see the elastic touch I did in the back there, but you can't really see the bow.
I closer shot of the bow, but you can still only see it slightly.
A shot of me wearing the headband. You STILL can hardly see the bow, but it's the best shot I have so, oh well.


These are all taken from  an iPhone, so the quality is not awesome. I didn't bring my camera, stupidly, to the breakfast place we went to.
I thought this was pretty with the lights and the wires and the telephone poles. I accidentally got this woman in the picture, but I liked how it looked.
 I loved this woman's outfit, but you can't really see it the photo. I still really like it. Her shadow is really pretty.
These trees were making such gorgeous shadows on the building.
 I took a photo of the shadows against the bright blue sky and the actual trees. Pretty. <3
I don't know if anyone's seen these, I think they're around Berkeley, but maybe they're around Oakland too. They're on these pole things. They're like crocheted warmers for the poles, I'm not quite clear on what they are exactly. They are just beautiful art pieces and I thought this one looked so pretty in this lighting. They have little things with the website, but I don't remember what it is. I'll put it up if I see another one.

<3 thats all for now, I gotta go.

<3 <3 Maya

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