Tuesday, November 1, 2011

CT 255 In the Make-Shift Studio (10/15/11)

Madeline and I practiced taking pictures and setting up this make-shift studio today, since we're taking the photos at the Homecoming Dance. (and we get paid for it!) Lucky for us, Madeline's brother has a lot of photography equipment so we didn't even have to rent the flashes, umbrellas, backdrop etc. we just borrowed it from him. But we thought it would be a good idea to practice first, and good thing we did, because it took us a couple tries before we got it to all work! Anyway, after we set it up, we thought we might as well take some photos of each other (I pretty much brought my entire wardrobe...)
I had to do a bit of editing, because, of course, we realized at the END that we should have had the white balance it on shady mode the whole time, so I had to go in and warm up most of them, but it wasn't much work, and look how pretty they look now!
Also, in the last ones, Madeline was genius and brought out a fan! Check out these awesome results.

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