Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I wish I hadn't posted all that. I tend to offend people when I just spout off stuff. Anyway, here's something else to do with school that's more socially acceptable and not mean:

Here are some snippets of my writing from the first few days of school. Each (or each group) is prefaced by an explanation:

In history we had to write a little thing about ourselves. Most people didn't take it seriously/care at all and wrote really shitty things like "I am Chris. I like cats. I am a junior" or something, but the assignment was to make it flow and she gave us a few examples that were really beautiful, so I was inspired to ACTUALLY WRITE A SEMI-OKAY THING. Instead of just half-assing it. So here's mine:

I am Maya. I wear fake glasses though I need real ones and heels though I'm already too tall. I laugh a little more than I ought to and a lot louder than anyone I know. I hate the smell of warm minty breath. I hate my feet. I love teeth. I enjoy terrible 80's movies and make references a little more than is socially acceptable. I hate when people pronounce things wrong. I love when it rains. I write in a journal every day and consequently remember more than I would like about my awkward middle school years. I hate fruit flavored gum and people who pretend to be shy. I hate talking about my future and seem to be more lost than everybody else. 

For art we have, what I think is the best project of all time. We have to write a 6-word story and then illustrate it with any medium you want (for me it shall be collage). I made so many 6-word stories that I liked a lot, so I thought I'd share some and then make a zine with my absolute favorites.

I just want to let go. 
And then we were falling down. 
I have ambition without any motivation. 
Gone. Too fast and too slowly. 
"Never Change." Say the perpetually afraid.
Sometimes I hate people. Wait...Always. 
Death scares me most of all.
"We are nowhere and it's now" (quote from Bright Eyes)
I laugh a little too often. 
Laughing too loud and too often. 
Deep blue sea. Vast. Too much. 

Now I am going to share some lists I made while upset that I posted on my Tumblr. Be warned, these contain many swearwords and sometimes somewhat graphic descriptions.
You have been warned:

Things That Happened To Me Today
1. I had to run a block because I almost missed the bus.
2. I got on the wrong bus and consequently got home an hour later than I was supposed to. 
3. I bled through my Spandex.*
4. I fucked* up my honors english test and forgot practically everything that happened in the summer reading.
5. I have shit tons* of work to do that I couldn’t do during my free because I was on the fucking* wrong bus. 
6. When I finally got home, I got a call from my counselor telling me that my schedule got fucked up* and I basically have the worst schedule ever now.**

10 *AWESOME* things about being on your period
1. Bleeding on your favorite/new pair of underwear*
2. Craving chocolate
3. Simultaneously loving and hating everyone 
4. Getting all bloated and fat
5. Crying
6. Hating yourself
7. Both being lonely and wanting to be alone at the same time
8. Being angry all the time
9. The pain in your lower abdomen that feels like a small gremlin is living inside your uterus clawing at the insides like the vampire baby in Twilight*
10. Cosmic horn***

*Sorry. You were warned
**If you're wondering, which you probably aren't, it did get fixed, so I'm all good on the scheduling from, though I still have no classes with my best friend (*Sob*)
***If you don't know what this is, we cannot be friends. 

I guess that's all right now.
I've mostly been writing this long letter to my cousin, so I haven't had much time for writing, but I miss creative writing. I want to get back into it. I'm always really worried that I'll either sound cheezy or pretentious, but I guess I just gotta do it, right?

But, I guess, for those of you who prefer to just look at my photos, who will just skip all of this, here are some photos of my favorite high schoolers/photos inspired by school:

Unfortunatley, because of the insanity and lack of sourcing that is tumblr, I have lost a majority of the sources of these. Some will take you to the original site if you click on the photo, but if you know a source or see a photo that is yours and would like to take down, please let me know.



  1. holy shit, you are a really amazing writer. and all of these photos are my favorites. waaaaat. so good.

    1. OH EM GEE. Your blog is like, my life! AHHHH. I love you & thanks so much!
      As andy samberg as nick cage would say, "that's high praise"