Thursday, September 27, 2012

Part Three.

Hey guys (or guy. person. Anyone?). Hello there.
Lately I've been really wanting a sweater vest that I could wear over long sleeved/short sleeved collared shirts. But Instead I found this dress, which was in my "to be altered" box, so I hadn't really worn it. I mean, it's in the "to be altered box" for a good reason: the armpit holes make my arms get barely any circulation, but it's pwetty so it's worth it, right? Beauty is pain. Or something.
Ribbon in hair:present wrapping box/Shirt:Found in my house/Dress: Goodwill/Socks:F21/Shoes:UO
Speaking of supposed beauty, I've been reading up more/looking at other bloggers who are just as passionate about the DISGUSTINGness that is photoshopping models in magazines and getting angry about it all over again. I really wish I had done this for my I-search (30-page report) in freshman year like I planned. That would have been amazing and I would have been forced to get more read-up about the matter. I mean, I touched on it in my I-seach about depression, but not as much as I would have liked to.  It seriously disgusts me how the media totally corrupts girls images of what is beauty. They hold this standard above young, impressionable girls of what is supposedly "beautiful", but is really fake, wrong, and completely untrue. The media constantly tells girls that they have to be perfect,  dangling a photoshopped image in front of these girls, who are likely to become frustrated and discouraged as they they reach for this image of beauty that is completely unattainable for any real human being. Even with girls starving themselves to be this "perfect" and impossible thing, "in our culture we praise weight loss in girls..." (Machoian 140) so even if a girl is not eating, she is getting compliments or is simply not noticed because in our society it is considered "normal." (that last bit was an edited section of my freshman I-search). Anyway, there are a few pictures inspired by that idea after these photos of me. 
Sorry for the random tangent and the reaching segway, but this is something that I'm very passionate about, and hope you feel somewhat similarly disgusted. Don't you think the advertisers should have to put a warning or SOMETHING to say that they'd photoshopped these models? I think it should be similar to smoking adds with the SURGEN GENERAL WARNING, saying that smoking is hazardous to your health, but instead has a similar thing saying THE MODELS IN THIS ADVERTISEMENT HAVE BEEN PHOTOSHOPPED AND ARE NOT A REALISTIC REPRESENTATION OF BEAUTY. Or something, because right now this is disgusting. 
Teen Vogue, decorated by the lovely Megan
Photoshopped Britney before and after. Splash
Just so incredibly true. 



  1. YOU GO MAYA! I love it, totally agree, have to say, has been this way for tooooo long, glad to hear this rant.

    1. Hasn't it? GOD beauty is not just how skinny you are. It makes me totally sick.