Friday, September 28, 2012

Dear Diary--

I finished my journal! Last page is all done. AHHHH. 
This is the journal that I said I would do a page in every day for a year. 
Lessons I've learned: 
1. This journal does not have 365 pages. 
2. Giving myself unrealistic goals does not help me achieve them. Sometimes I need to just accept that there is not time for me to do something in this everyday. Especially when I get behind and need to print stuff out and put it in here. Bad Idea.
3. Even though this was an unrealistic goal that left me feeling disappointed in myself, it did make get into journaling again. 
4. I should not have more than one journal at a time. 

Anyway, I'm super excited with the finishing of this journal, so I'll just leave you with pictures of the pages. A lot of the best ones have already been shared, so I'm just showing you new pages that I [think I] haven't shared. 
Left: Stuff from art murmer. Right: gestures I did on the bus
What Tavi wrote in my journal
Saw a sing along of Grease in the city. Sosososo awesome. 
Spread I made in Illustrator about the wonderful Tavi
Collage I did on the left, and on the right a booklet of the inspiration for these.
And now, here is some inspiration from various artsists/sources of journal pages/journals that I find inspiring. They should go to the source if you click on the pages, but Sabrina Ward Harrison's just says it's by her and one is from tumblr and I couldn't find the source.
Tavi Gevinson's amazingness
Erin Partridge
Sabrina Ward Harrison
 Because Kendra is a goddess.
 eeee. I love this. also Rookie is da bomb diggitay. 
I want my journal cover to look like this. Actually my new one is a composition book (really old/destroyed/amazing) and I'm planning to decorate it inspired by this cover. 


  1. K I know this is an old post but y'know it's amazing and so inspiring so yeah.