Monday, September 24, 2012

Part Two.

This is day two of my black and white week.
I got these AWESOME pants at Thrift Town as part of my back to school shopping and cuffed and sewed them the morning before wearing them. I'm sort of in love with them.
Ugh. I've got to read 50 pages of the scarlet letter for homework, but first I wanna post a little interesting tid-bit about lyfe and music and gahh.
Well, I'm going to see Matt and Kim in concert and I'm SOOOOOOOOO excited. My friend and I were talking about how they seem like the most fun people to see live, I mean, they both seem so happy and awesome and dance-y. I mean, watch the music video at the end of this. They're just so happy and awesome and just alkjfuafwleij. I'm so freaking excited. Do you ever have those bands that you just know are going to be awesome in concert and then they come near you and you get to see them? IT'S SO AWESOME.
Last year I got to see one of my favorite bands live as well, Bon Iver, which was ALSO amazing though a totally different experience. His music is much more soporific. Though, actually in concert he was pretty loud. I dunno. I'm just so excited I cannot even talk about it. eeeeeeeeee. Just look at pictures of me looking super un-happy in contrary to the writing of fRkKING AmAZING EXCITMENT. AHHHH.
Collar: Mom's closet/Shirt: cut up my brother's old shirt/Belt: Goodwill/Velvet Pants: Thrift Town/Sweater:Thrift Town/Cuff: F21/Socks: mom's drawers/Shoes: Buff Ex.


  1. hey gurrllll <3 Thank you so much for introducing me to Matt and Kim! I lovvveeee them and now I'm jealous that you get to see them. I love your outfit too by the way, especially how the pants match the collar.


    P.S. I really love your new heading!

    1. awww! Thanks so much for all the sweet-ness. <3 <3 <3
      Also, glad you like the heading, but I hate it so it's going as soon as I figure somehthing better out. Enjoy it while you can :)
      Thanks again!