Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I know, I know

So I'm like, really behind in posts, and I have 4 or so lined up and (not so) ready to go, buuuuut after sitting on the computer for the last hour reading interviews with Tavi Gevinson/looking at some bloggers that I like and being like "HOLY FUCK WHY CAN THEY NOT JUST HAVE MY BABIES bECAuSE I CANNOT DEAL WITH HOW AMAZING THEY ARE" (this is my reaction to everything these days...it's that time of the month...tmi? never.) So I was like, eff outfit posts, imma post about the best people on the planet.
So I have three favorite bloggers right now, but as we all know that Tavi is literally the best thing that's ever happened to this world (I am certain she is some kind of god. I mean she's started like, the ROOKIE MOVEMENT, which I am convinced is going to be an awesome movement of the coolest feminists around all wearing some flower crowns/being amazing) and I have written ENOUGH posts about her, I'm going to rave about some other fabulous people who both actually WORK FOR ROOKIE OMG THIS LIFE IS TOO GOOD.
SOOOOO sososososososo. First, Marlena. She does all the awesome DIY stuff on Rookie, which I've been meaning to try and she's just like completely perfect. Her blog, Self Constructed Freak, is the perfect mish-mash of inspiration, outfit posts, and DIY awesomeness. She herself is adorable and always makes my favorite posts on Rookie. Like this one and this one and this one. So THIS is a link to all the posts she's done on Rookie. She's the BOMB DIGGITAY. 'nuff said? I THINK NOT! Her clothhesssss are so awesome. She wears so many "self constructed" accesories that are super amazing and unique. Most of her clothes are sort of pastel-perfection, but there are some more quirky/weird peices too, which I lurve. I know I always post like 6 million pictures of all my favorite outfits of my favorite blogger, so I tried to narrow it down, but I mean, she's the best ever, so it was difficult. BUT FOR YOU GUYS, ANYTHING.
Next, we have Arabelle Sicardi, of Fashion Pirate, who's just like, gah. She's my hero. She's really really amazing in the clothes that she wears and the things that she writes (and says in her Youtube videos). She's super outspoken and her clothes show that. I love when people dress to their personality. That's someone you know has found themself. They're dressing to express themself. Which always just like GAH inspires me so much. That's, like,  my goal in life, to be able to express myself through my clothes. Also she dyes her hair all the time, which is so awesome. I wanna dye my hair a weird color. Well, that's somehting, like, in the back of my mind, not something I actually know whether or not I will ever do. Anyway, she's just generally amazing. LOOK HOW GOOD I'M BEING AT NOT POSTING A MILLION PHOTOS OF THEM!!! OMG BE SO PROUD OF ME. 
Inspiration is a thing I feel constantly.
I feel like the internet surrounds me with a million amazing people and I just don't know what to do with myself because they are all so awesome. GAH. GAH. GAH.
kaycool. I'll post some real things soon, I promise but right now I have to go do art homework so I don't have an F in the class, woot woot. GFAEWJOIRWKSDJLFKJFLW:KJLDKSFJ.

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