Friday, August 16, 2013

"And we, we live half in the daytime/And we, we live half at night"

Hey there!
I'm proud of myself for posting a normal length of time from the last time I posted. I feel a lot better than the last post, thanks for all the nice comments ily all. I got together with two of my freshman (now sophomore, eek!) friends and we had a mini collage party at my house which was really nice and allowed me to almost finish my journal!? Two pages left! Get excited for a journal post coming up (or dont, thats also chill) I've been super inspired by all this blue toned/underwater artwork, I'm not sure why I'm all the sudden entranced by oil paintings of people in water, but I am obsessed. I thought they sort of went with the vibe here, so I put them togehter. Sorry it's such a random grouping of stuff..? Two things about these: 
1. My grandpa told me I looked like a baby in there. Not really sure why, but it felt worth sharing. 
2. I'm very jet-lagged in these photos, so I was trying to do my "neutral" face, and ended up just looking really really tired, so sorry for my face. I can't do much about it. 
My journal page from the 15th, when I wore this outfit.
I screen cap I took of my desktop, inspired by Ophelia's post. the left is my "holographic" tag on tumblr, the anonymous question was when I did the "tell me about your crush on anon" on my tumblr.
Marilyn Minter, oil on canvas (yeah, you read that correctly, OIL ON CANVAS)
Disposable picture I took of a pool in Vienna
One of my latest journal pages from when I had Anna and Olive over and we collaged. 
Unknown Source
Cover Page for Denmark with a drawing of myself and a polaroid. The playlist is my favourite one from the trip, the family we stayed with just like played my favourite Xx album on the trip to Sweden and now VCR reminds me of Denmark

Unknown Source, but I want to do my makeup like this. 
Disposable of an Austrian church
Christian Vincent, Virachola of Caucasus
Artvro Samaniego, Emergence 
Julian Candini (This is one of my favourite pieces of art ever) 
You're all lovely <3


  1. great pics- you look cute in saddle shoes and denim <3

  2. i love that outfit and the journal page with the raindrops so much xoxo
    thx for posting ur journals they're mad inspiring <3

  3. I love the outfits and maan your journal is beautiful! xxx

  4. Lovely post, and I love the Denmark page ^^

  5. this is such a cool post x

  6. Love this post- your journal/photos/inspiration are beautiful ♡♡♡

  7. Your journal page is sooo cool!! Love the photos too, with the clouds behind!