Friday, November 11, 2011

CT 259 Pattern Upon Pattern (10/25/11)

I love mixing patterns- Floral with paisley with polkadots with stripes with plaid with numerous other patterns. I hate when people say to not break style"rules" and I know this is said all the time, but all my style icons and pretty much ALL great style icons break the rules. FTBH almost doesn't go a day without breaking a rule, Dani and Bianca from Kastor and Pollux, Cosette Munch, le happy, Amanda Brohman etc. don't leave the house worried that they've broken "style rules". ANYONE and everyone breaks the rules and that is what makes their outfits unique and fun. I don't see how anyone can say and believe that there are rules that you truly cannot or should not break. It's crazy.
Just something to keep in mind when you're getting dressed tomorrow morning. :)
Cardigan: Thrift Town/Shirt: Goodwill Outlet/Scarf:Vintage/Pants:Thrift Town/Boots: Wanted from Delia*s
alright, remember to break some rules :)
keep keepin'
xo Maya

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