Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CT 265 Quashing My Lack of Inspiration (11/21/11)

I've been inside all day, watching TV shows and looking at other blogs, so to quash the un-creativity I felt, I started drawing as I was watching TV shows. When  I had watched all the Modern Family's I had not yet seen, I checked out my copious supply of bookmarked fashion bloggers and drew a few (unintentional rhyme) Here are some of the drawings.

Le Happy:
(actual picture this drawing is of)

La Vagabond Dame:
(Post this drawing is from)

I drew more as well, but these were the ones I was most proud of. 
Hope you're all having a lovely week off (if you get a week off for thanksgiving) and I will see you again tomorrow. :)
Keep Keeping 
<3 xo Maya

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