Friday, November 18, 2011

CT 263 Patterns a Plenty (11/7/11)

I love this sweater material dress! I feel so fall-y in it. It makes me happy since fall is lovely. The leaves turning colors and falling so that you can jump on them and hear the little crunching noise beneath your feet? ahhh. I love the fall. Although I was freezing while these photos were being taken, it was worth it since they turned out so cool!
Alright. Hope you're all having a lovely week and I'M ALMOST CAUGHT UP. ONE MORE POST AND I'M FIIIINNNAAALLLYYY caught up. Yes. 
Alright, hopefully you're having a less stressful week before break without a huge essay question test for history or a graded class discussion in English along with a four hour practice for the musical.
<3 Maya

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  1. I had such a stressful week with school too, I feel your pain!
    LOVE the color of your dress and the floral scarf. Gorgeous look!