Friday, November 11, 2011

CT 260 Princess Hair (10/26/11)

Although I was a bit displeased with my outfit today (I actually changed for these photos), I was proud of my pinned, headband-ed, and highly styled hairdo. This look wouldn't have come about without the hinderances of my hair. To be explained......
When I take a shower at night, I often have to sleep with my hair wet. Because I always wear leave-in-conditioner while my hair dries and because I move around quite a bit when I sleep, my hair is often TOO curly when I wake up in the morning, my curls looking a bit funky. Often I have to put my hair up and sometimes I even straighten my bangs so they're not too short. Today was one of these bad hair days. However, I was rather pleased with the results it yielded.

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