Tuesday, November 15, 2011

CT 262 Plaid Collar. (11/3/11)

It's very cold today, but I wore a skirt and blazer none-the-less. I tend to do that. Not care about the weather, I mean. I'm actually very used to being cold now. If I wear a sweatshirt (on the weekends or something) I get extremely hot walking around. I'm too used to wearing thin sweaters even in mid-winter.
Anyway, I have been coveting detachable collars for a while now, and I finally just cut the collar off of one of my old collared shirts that I don't wear anymore. I think it was a good re-use of that shirt, since I never wear it and was going to get rid of it anyway. This FTBH post is really what got me started on detachable collars, and I can't wait to add to my collection. I have a great plan sketched out for a patterned, petaled collar that I'm super exited about. Perhaps it will come into fruition over Thanksgiving break. :)
Hope you're all having a great week!
<3 <3

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