Monday, October 1, 2012

And the tops of buildings I can see them too...

Recently my friend and went to the city together on a little "photo-expedition" as we call them. We mostly went shopping, but also took some awesome pictures. My friend is, like, a prodigy when it comes to the camera so here are some of her friggin' amazing shots of me. We found this amazing backdrop of the city in black and white which we took most of our pictures in front of.
Anyway, I have a packet of music theory homework just waiting for me to go and do it, so I will just leave you with my friends amazing masterpieces.
Shirt:F21/Jacket:F21/Belt: Goodwill/Skirt: Homemade/Petticoat:Buffalo Exchange/Socks: American Apparel/Shoes: Converse (goodwill?)
..and here are some that my mom took:
And here are a few photos I took of my beautiful friend:

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