Friday, November 23, 2012

Disposable Camera

So I saw a bunch of amazing pictures with a disposable camera on both For The Quaint Hearted and Fashion Fledge and just immediately though "I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE" at the rookie meet-up a girl I saw had a disposable camera and took a really awesome photo of me with it and ever since then I've been wanting one. Anyway, I thought since the pictures have this sort of nostalgic quality I would take some pictures on the Troubs retreat. Some of them turned out really badly as I was into the whole "candid shot" thing which usually ended up being people looking really awkward or tired or annoyed or bored. I guess that candid shot of someone laughing just isn't a real thing. Iunno. Just look at these photos. 
 The game of life

Anyway, tahoe is incredibly picturesque, yes. But also, here are some pictures from the six or seven I had left on my camera. (I'm too lazy to rotate them, plus it adds to the nostalgic quality..?)



  1. Eeee these look awesome, honoured to have made you need something in your life! You're so c0o0l.

    xx Eryn <3

  2. Pfhew! So kitsch I'm in love ♥

    I follow you now :)

  3. oh my god wow okay i'm going through your whole blog because i'm friggin creepy and WOWOWOW I love disposable cameras so much :)