Sunday, November 4, 2012


This is the outfit I was wearing the day I came home with vertigo. I was pissed because I really wanted to wear this outfit to school as it featured my new Matt & Kim tee as well as black lipstick, my new creepers, and friggin' Rosie the Riveter socks, like, everything I love in one package. Also. I'm officially in love with this hair style. I'm going to wear my hair like this all the friggin' time now.
Um. My math teacher asked me if I was going for the "All American Goth look" which I though was funny. Hm. Other things to mention. Oh! I've got a few new followers recently which I reallly appreciate. You guys are the bomb. <3
Also, check out my awesome wall. I'm pretty proud of everything on it. Theres some art I did, a map, some vintage photos, art I've bought, etc. It's like my tumblr on my wall. Everything that inspires me. I'll post some photos of the wall soon. It's getting pretty amazing.

Glasses: China town/Collared Shirt: f21/Matt & Kim tee: concert/Belt: Goodwill/Pants: F21/Socks: Sweet Dreams/Shoes: Buffalo Exchange/Ring: Mom's/Bracelet: White Elephant Sale

And here's some inspiration:
A girl seen in the mall, picture by The Milk Club
From one of my favorite blogs ever: Nifty Thrifts. Love her creepers/hamburger shirt/lipstick/sunglasses. So basically everything...
Tavi is the best thing that has ever happened to my life. 'nuff said. 
I've become obsessed with this sort of pastel hair. I may dye my hair soon if my mother/father permits it. 
Awesome temporary cat tattoo. 
Source Unknown.
Nadia temporary tattoos.


  1. Awesome outfit! I love your creepers, they are SO cute! I like your hair as well!

  2. AAAH you look AMAZING. And your creepers are awesome <33 I need to get a pair of creepers! And those inspiration pics are gorgeous.

  3. I love love love your outfit, your wall, and your hair omg! I might have to try that for tomorrow!

    Eryn xx

    1. I feel like you'd look super cute with this hair style! DOOO ITTTTTT.

  4. wooow girl, your wall looks amazing- my new "room decor" inspiration! :) And your outfit also ;) xx

    1. I'm so glad! Eek it's my goal in life to inspire SOMEONE. <3 <3
      Thanks for the comment.

  5. I love this outfit so much!! And your room is really pretty!

    1. Thanks so much!! I really appreciate the cooooment.