Thursday, November 1, 2012

Secret Style Icon (a la Rookiemag): Millie Kentner

I guess the one good thing about having vertigo and being absent from school for three days, was that I got to (finally) finish Freaks and Geeks. A bunch of my friends are obsessed with this show and so are most Rookies, and now that it's instant on Netflix, I was like, I should just watch this. It was totally amazing and just gahweoiajsd for many reasons:
1. Young Jason Segal. 'nuff said.
2. Young James Franco. just. yes. so much yes.
3. Best one liners from Millie
and of course, 4. The clooootthhhessssss.
So Millie is this like uptight, religious Mathlete that Lindsey (the main character) used to be friends with. She's really annoying, but ultimately just wants what's best for Lindsey. Also..I kind of want all of her clothes...? It's weird that she's supposed to be this totally uptight girl who's obsessed with school and god and stuff, and yet, I'm sort of in love with her style... I dunno, she's got that collar+sweater thing going on as well as these cardigans that are buttoned with one button at the top and the rest are left open. Also she's got those little kid clips in her hair and wears, like, ARGYLE. I mean, what's not to love?
Ugly christmas sweater <3

I love her hair band. Also that collar is amazing. also arrgyleeee.
The top button buttoned. 
Holy shit that collar is actually amazing. 
Again. That collar. Seriously. I need it. 
<3 her clip. 
Look she even has the one button of the cardigan buttoned. God, I love her clothes. 

Seriously, look at that nightgown. Honestly, just. I desperately need that. 
Look at those ruffles! Also I love her little skinny headband.
I actually love this sweater so much. Also that collar is adorable. But mostly just look at that sweater. GAH.
One button buttoned. adorable. 
Drawing I did of Millie
Painted drawing.
Last, but not least (I hope) I did a polyvore set thing. I couldn't really make a good outfit, but I found some individual pieces that I think she'd adore. There's the peter pan collar, the ugly christmas sweater, the high necked cardigan, pearl earrings and some clips. If not for the amazing drama in Freaks and Geeks, at least watch it for Millie's clothes and just drool at how amazing they are. 


  1. OH MY GOD I LOVE FREAKS AND GEEKS SO MUCH!!!! Millie is amazing.

  2. everyone talks about this show soooo much. I feel like such a fail cause I haven't watched it. what is it about??
    ps: I do need some of her clothes though, that grandma pink one with the flowers!!!! cwdjcvkwjchvwd

    1. I KNOW! that's how I felt, I was like...shit i need to watch this show i'm so lame and uncultured... Anyway, it's about this girl who used to be a total goody-goody who sort of decides to quit matheletes and become friends with the "burn-outs". I mean, she still does well in school and stuff, but she starts hanging out with them and stuff and Jason Segal's in it and he likes her in the show and I dunno, it sounds sorta lame, but it's kind of funny and there's a lot of drama and it's just a good show to have under your belt in my opinion.