Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Girl In Tutu You Are My Hero"

Things that are awesome about wearing a tutu:
1. You feel like a ballerina all day, which you never got to be as a child because you were a terrible dancer and even then hated the commitment of going to class every monday (me)
2. It's fun to play with in boring classes
3. You get "really?" looks and get to bitch face back
4. You feel like a Meadham Kirchhoff model
5. You get a random person yelling "girl in tutu you are my hero" at you as you walk down the street. 

I urge you all to join my tutu/petticoat cult. 
 Flower crown: DIY/Under shirt: DIY/Sweater: Moms/Necklace: East Bay Center for Creative Reuse/Pig pin: present/Belt: Thift Town/Pettioat: My grandmothers attic/Tights: F21/Socks:F21/Shoes: Target

 "chicken pox tights"

 I drew a little star on my face cuz that's how I rollll. 
Also, something that I think directly parallels to this, especially in the whole petticoat thang, is Meadham Kirchhoff's spring collection, which is actualllly amazing. Idk, I feel like I'm sorta channelling her frilly, pastel-y, kind of look. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the show:
 Okay. The jacket/shirt on the left, do I not have that?

 The Rookie shoot with the Kirchhoff clothes. 

And if you ever wanted to bitch face at someone who's lookin' weirdly at your tutu, here's a little demo a la Tavi, my lover:

 Fuck you, you fuckin' fuck
 Ooooh, you are REEALLLLY cool.
 Bite me.
 Omg, like literally just stop.
 I'm not amused.
 Like, actually, WHO ARE YOU?
Your voice hurts my ears and if you keep talking I will have to leave.



  1. OMG You look amazing. You're my hero too, girl in tutu. And I love the Meadham Kirchhoff. And the bitchfacin'. Just, ahh!

    Eryn <3

  2. sorry, are you actually a super hero, like rookiegirl or something? I mean, why are you so freaking drferghdifvbsuzdrgwsaodjfio amazing?
    Tutus are the best thing ever! You feel so magical and rookie wearing them. And this shoot. and your outfit. and your hair. and everything in this post. Uh girl. this is wonderful. I love your blog and I will now practice bitchfacing.
    love love love,