Thursday, November 15, 2012

Here we come a wassailing among the leaves so green...

Hey guys-- I know it's been forever since I last posted, but this last three day weekend I was at my singing groups retreat in TAHOE! It was a lot of fun, but completely exhausting. We got 19 hours of sleep in three nights, then went back to school. I've been exhausted for the past few days and haven't had it in me to update this. Today I was taking a break from homework and watched a How I Met Your Mother and fell asleep for two hours...oh life. Anyway, I should really get back to my work, but here are a few favorites from the retreat.

Me and my soprano fam <3

AH. SNOW. I miss it now, even though I actually don't like snow that much.
Like I really like the idea of snow, but I hate that it's cold. Not a fan of that part, but the pictures are all so whimsical. GAH. This last one is from when we went stargazing and we all laid in a parking lot and sang songs and harmonized and sounded beautiful (for the most part). Oh, the memories. Can you feel nostalgic about something that happened two days ago?


  1. AH, I love your hair. And your pants. And your shirt, and just your whole outfit really, it's awesome.
    Your retreat looks amazing, I love snow.

    1. so much friendship.
      I <3 you Eryn. I read your blog like erry day....

  2. maya!! your outfit is soooo great! you have the best style and clothes!!

    xx eva

  3. WOW I just read through a bunch of your posts and you are so cool!!!! I love your hair in this post. Way to be awesome and wear rosie the riveter socks and black lipstick and tutus.

    1. eeeeee!!! I love you so much! You're actually one of my biggest idols. I'm collecting stuff to make a post about you, this girl, and this girl,
      we shall see what happens. stay tuned! <3 <3 <3