Friday, August 24, 2012

First day of school.

YAYY! Real outfitpost!
This is what I wore for my first day of school. It was sort of stressful because I knew I wanted to change out of one of my classes and I was trying to see how my schedule would change when it did by seeing who had what when. Anyway, that was complicated, but not too bad. I have basically no friends in most of my classes, and the classes that I do have friends in are the ones I'm being switched out of. All in all, not the most amazing day, though much better than my second day of school which I'll tell you about in my all writing post. Or, if you follow my Tumblr, you have probably already seen.
The only cool thing that happened on my first day of school is the amount of compliments I got on my flower crown. I was really nervous to wear it, as I am always nervous about wearing something that most people wouldn't (like heels, lipstick etc.), and most of these get weird looks from some and back handed compliments from others, but this flower crown was actually met with surprisingly few disgusted looks. I think people may be getting used to the fact that I just dress weird (either that or they were just super involved in their first day of school because it's super stressful, or tired from getting no sleep, but I like to think the foremost.) Anyway, most people just remarked that I "[had] crayons in my hair" to which I replied, "yes, yes I do."
Anyway, all in all, meh sort of day. Much better than the next though at the time I still believed it to be horrible, because all my schedule changed would mean that I had no classes with my best friend, which I was upset about (and still am).
But yes. STOP RAMBLING YOU NINCOMPOOP is something someone should tell my math teacher, who talked for an hour and 10 minutes of our 90 minute period and left us 20 minutes to do the activity. And also, something that I constantly have to tell myself as I find myself hitting the third or fourth paragraph. Aren't you all glad I don't do video things? jeeeez. OUTFIT:
Flower crown:homemade/Collar: mom's/Dress:F21/Belt:F21/Petticoat:Buffalo Exchange/Tights:Target/Shoes:Crossroads

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  1. Mayaaaa!! Best outfit ever!! I'm also nervous/anxious when I wear something semi-weird to school, but lately I've been dressing so mundane that I just blend in. You look amazing though!! I so admire your daringness!! It's hella inspiring!!!

    xx Eva