Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Literally the Best: My Cousin

As my cousin has been visiting from Seattle, we've been spending quite a lot of time together.
I enjoy dressing well and taking photos of people dressed well and she enjoys dressing well, and taking photos of those dressed well, so we make a perfect team of fashion photographer and subject (both being both). However, this post is focused on her, because this outfit is amazing. She recently went to Europe where she stopped at a ton of flea markets/awesome stores etc. and got amazing amazing clothes. Then I took her shopping on Telegraph, where she got some more amazing clothes/accessories (as did I, as future posts will show) and of course, her mother being amazingly fashionable as well, she got this dress as a hand-me-down. GAH (noise of uncontainable excitement) she is so so so so so so so amazing and she just started a blog as well, which I will link you to as soon as she posts something. I also convinced her to start a Tumblr (which, we all know, I am obsessed with) and hers is Ah-mazing.
anyway, I will, as always try and quit this before I end up typing 5 paragraphs about how amazing she is.
btw this is just a sneak peek to the millions of photoshoots we went on, so get ready to see some more amazing outfits from Ava. (and photos Ava took of me)


  1. Yeah! So great to hear about 2 of my favorite girls having fun together! Wish I could see you in person and get in on that shopping trip!!