Monday, August 6, 2012

My Summer So Far...

Beautiful rose at my grandparents house.
My shoes on Fourth of July
Awesome desks at the school where my mom works. They use old desks to create planters. I've been working at the summer school at this school. 
Madeline and I went to Chinatown to take some pictures together on one of our "photo outings"--it was amazing. I got some great photos and added to my summer movie :)
Some random homeless guy just chillin' on college ave. 
Writing with cheerios. 
My skirt and shoes from the chinatown trip
Picture courtesy of my friend Claire of my friend Natalie and I swimming in the lake. 
Polariod of my friends and I at a pond in Graeagle. 
I had a freaking AMAZING collage club at my house. I'll also post all the collages my friends did soon. A lot of them were really really cool. eeeeee.  I can't wait to share them. (This photo is taken by my ever lovely father)
My friends and I jumping off a rock into the lake in Graeagle.  (Taken by Claire)
My outfit when meeting TAVIIIIII. Hanne took it of me and it's one of my favorite pictures of myself ever. Oh also, here's a link to that lovely lady's tumblr. (You can't really see my new cuff on my ear--it's literally amazing. I bought it at this etsy shop) ETSY IS FRIGGIN' AMAZING. 
All of our buddies at Graeagle, swimming in the gorgeous lake. (Taken by the lovely Claire.)
My mama while we were at the chinatown trip. Though this is by the piers (we took a little detour).
Alright, xo.

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