Sunday, August 12, 2012

Literally The Best: Edun Photo-shoots

These photos are a mishmash of Edun's 2012 photoshoots--fall/winter is the birds and spring/summer is the butterflies. I first saw the butterfly ones while making my zines, using a W magazine that just came in the mail and fell IN LOVE with the photos. Unfortunately I had to cut it up since I needed the butterflies, but I made sure to go straight to the website, where I saw all the bird pictures and again fell IN LOVE. I cannot even talk about how perfect these are. I love the girl with the butterfly on her lipsticked lips. TO DIE FOR. and the naked girl with the strategically placed butterflies literally gives me the shivers. 
GAH. everything about these photoshoots are so so so so so so perfect. GAH <--noise of incoherent excitement. 
I cannot even speak anymore, just look at these and agree that they are flawless. PERFECTION. 
Okay. I gotta stop talking. Just look. 

Hope these inspire you as much as they inspire me. 
Dying of inspiration overload. 

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