Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Literally the Best: Lookbookers

I'm hoping that I can, unlike my other goals, actually keep this one.
I'm going to try and post fashion bloggers that I like every few months. I'm not going to say anything specific, because that would only lead to me not following the previously stated goal, so I'll just do it every once in a while.
So, without anymore ranting about my lack of goal keeping skillz, here are some of my favorite lookbookers.

Firstly, The Aquilina Twins

These two twins have one of the most, in my opinion, shockingly under-appreciated lookbooks of all times. They have some of the greatest looks I have yet seen on the internet. Their dark hues, sheer, velvets and beautiful flower crowns have me literally (okay, not LITERALLY) sobbing on the floor with the desire to be that awesome. I love that every detail is accounted for--just look at Olivia's nails/watch in the middle bottom look, I mean, that much effort in an outfit just makes the look that much closer to perfection. Wait, did I say CLOSE to perfection? JK these looks are perfection.
Gianna also has one of my favorite Tumblrs.
Her sister, Olivia, has another very cool Tumblr as well.
(I just realized, I think that all of these outfits are Olivia...haha, that was totally accidental, I guess I like her looks best--though Olivia does have more looks than Gianna does, so that could be part of it)

Secondly, Megan Lea Isabelle

Again, this is a very under-appreciated lookbook-er. I absolutely love her edgy black skirt and creeper platform shoes mixed with the sweet bustier and pink collars. Her grungy sweetness has this vintage vibe of some time period I cannot quite put my finger on. She adds this quirky pop color (seen in the overall and maxi-skirt post) that is to die for. Her goofy pose with her hand in front of her mouth totally reminds me of myself. Not to mention her adorable little sexy smile, very unlike me, managing to look normal and seductive and sweet instead of insane and lopsided as mine is. 
Anyway, she is clearly amazing, so without further ado, a link to her very cool blog

Thirdly, Charlotte Clothier
Charlotte has over 100 looks on lookbook and yes, I have looked through every one. It's very difficult to narrow down 100 to 6. But anyway, I've done it. I'd like to explain myself now. Her looks have this amazing sweetness, much to do with her red lips and very blushed cheeks, not to mention the petticoats under already full skirts, that is drool worhty. She also has these very edgy looks, like the Deathly Hallows one in the lower righthand corner (and I think we can all guess why I like that look...) with some black lipstick, which I always wish I can pull off, but am not really sure I can. Anyway, from her sweet almost Lolita-esque looks to her edgier, more goth looks, I just love her.
 Oh, I also love the upper right picture, very Lana Del Rey.
So, a link to her blog.

Fourthly, Mind The Mustard
AUGH. HER. I cannot ever explain how much I love her. Her layers upon layers, mixed with the coral shoes, long black wig and touches of jean make me drool with the desire to rip off her clothes and keep them for myself. Her millions of over-the-knee socks, flippy little skirts, of flowing maxi-skirts just make me not want to even be on the computer because the amount of lust I have for her clothing is neither natural nor healthy. And that wig! I didn't do it justice here as it is in only one of my chosen six photos, but her flowing locks of black against her pale skin and white background make the most beautiful contrast that leaves me a glob of incoherent babble. 
But I'll stop my incoherent babbling and let you look at her online vintage store as well as her Tumblr , which speak for themselves as to why you should love her as much as I do. 
Alright, I hope these are inspiring you as much as they are inspiring me 
Sorry I get so insane and incoherent in my rants of crazed inspiration

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