Friday, August 10, 2012

Joshua Tree Photo Diary. Day One and Two

I spent the last three days in Joshua tree. Now, Joshua tree is one of the most beautiful places I have ever stayed, however, in the middle of August it is ungodly hot. It was over 100 degrees every day. Insanity! However, in photographs, I can still capture the beauty minus the heat. So problem solved. This is both day one and two because, leaving at 8:30am for what is an 8 hour drive, in my family means arriving at 8:30pm, because that is just how we roll. Anyway, that means that I had very little time to even get photos. So the only photos from day one are of the sunset. But what a beautiful sunset it is! The sun streaks in the sky are amazing. Anyway, thus a two day post. 
But it was so so so pretty there. The heat was nothing compared to the beauty of the landscape/plant life/rocks just EVERYWHERE. And the HOUSE. Oh god I cannot wait to make a post about the house. It's so so so gorgeous and there's art just everywhere. It was all in this Mexican art style so a lot of it was sort of religious, which is not really my thang, butttttttttttt the bright colors and just overall gorgeousness overtook the fact that a lot of it was religious. And the house was literally built into the rocks, and there was a room called the "Boulder Room" because there were literrally BOULDERS IN THE WALLS (that's where I'm sleeping in the third photo). Anyway, there will be a post about the house sooooon.
Okay, as this is a photo diary, I should probably let the photos speak for themselves. Though I guess the above paragraph was counterproductive enough to render this no longer a photo diary...but anyway. I'll leave now. 

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