Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This post is depressing for me, both because it is all about summer, which is now over, but also because it is about me having fun with my cousin, and she left to go back home to Seattle. :'(
But I must persevere for the few of you who actually read this (any of you?) (wanna write a comment so I don't feel like no one reads this?)
So unfortunately (I think...) as I am usually standing behind the camera, there are few photos of my cousin and I together, she or I would take photos of each other generally.
So a few words for these photos: Ava and I made some flower crowns and took some awful selfies, then photographed each other.
The last photos are from a few of the photoshoots Ava and I went on. I only picked the photos of her as this is a post dedicated to her, but there are photos of me from these photoshoots as well, which will (eventually) be posted. But now, I must begin my homework for the class I just switched into. (explanations for my insane schedule are coming! Promise!)

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