Saturday, October 13, 2012

Literally The Best: CLUELESS.

So, when I was younger and obsessed with clothes and everything awesome, my mom showed me this movie. At the time I was sort of like "eh", but then, after watching it again recently I've become obsessed. This movie not only has the BEST FASHION ever. But also the most adorable guys. I mean, Travis, Josh and Elton? (Okay, I know Elton is the jerk in the movie, but he's still really attractive so whatevs). It has the BEST romances: Cher+Josh, Tai+Travis, Mr. Hall+Miss Geist (is it weird that I actually love what Miss Geist wears just as much as the other characters?) etc. Also, I mean, Paul Rudd. What's not to love?
Anyway, as I was watching it I took some screen shots (it's on instant netflix)
Everyone in this photo is wearing amazing outfits. Look at that huge furry white jacket with the earmuffs. I WANT THAT JACKET. Also everything Cher's wearing, of course. 
god. Their P.E. attire is actually just hilarious. I wish we could dress like this for P.E. 
I wish guys still dressed like Elton dresses. 
Di looks fab.
The gorgeous Elton. 
The even more gorgeous Josh. (also TAI'S SHOES)
Tai's outfit here. Is. Amazing. No words. 
I want everything everyone in this photo is wearing. Look at that girl behind them with the turtlenecked body suit thing. WHAT? 

And after all of that inspiration here is a Polyvore I made inspired by Cher Horowitz. All you really need to be as fashionable as Cher are some knee high socks and a plaid skirt+matching blazer. (Though a crop top sweater vest, sheer shirt dress and patterned skirt will also do)
And here's a look I think the lovely DIONNE would cherish. All you need to get a Dionne look is some over-the-knee socks, a collared shirt and a fabulous hat. (You can always just throw on some belt-less mom jeans and a crop top and cropped jacket if you prefer that side of Dionne)

And, lastly, a look for Tai (post-make-over of course). All you need to get Tai's look are some sweater tights, a cropped polo shirt and a cropped cardigan. Oh and don't forget some t-strap Mary Janes. (or metallic Doc Martens, overalls and a sheer floral shirt if you're into that look)
And last, but not least, a playlist by Rookiemag:

Alright, hope you all enjoyed the amazingness that is Clueless.


  1. i remember i saw this when i was about 8, and i was like, WOOOOOOOOW.
    the end

  2. lol. when rewatching it I realizd how much went right over my head as a child...

  3. I miss movies like these...where did they all go? Same the innuendos went straight over :')