Thursday, October 4, 2012


Before I was we'll dressed, or I guess, wore clothes that were remotely note worthy or attractive (the first few outfits on here can give you a hint of that), my grandma gave me a box of ceramic pins my mom had made when she was 13ish that are so amazing, but, lame as I was, I only liked one and took it out of the box and put it in my room where I recently found it. I better find the box of the rest or I will hate my middle school self more than I already do.(awkward times)
Anyway, at least this one has been preserved! I wear it all the time. It's amazing. It's a star that says super. Superstar? Eh? Eh? Clever, huh?
So at this point I'm essentially asleep, so my jokes seem a lot funnier. But I hope you enjoyed that.

Sleepytime now.
Kiss kiss

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