Saturday, October 6, 2012


GUESS I'M JUST A REBEL CHILD. Got two more holes in my head this weekend and I'm sort of totally in love with them despite the pain they are causing me. I'm one of those people who won't take Advil or anything when I have a headache. I feel like americans today are way too reliant on medication for any slight pain. Obviously I don't mean like, if you have a migraine you cannot take Advil because that makes you reliant. I'm saying those people who at the slightest twinge of the forehead, before drinking a glass of water or getting off  the computer or trying anything else take, two Advil and call it fixed. However, these freaking piercings are like the throbbing aching pain that doesn't go away for weeks. So I'm taking Tylenol every day. OH GOD I'M GOING TO DIE. Sometimes my reasons for not doing things are a little lacking. BUT I'M AN AMERICAN AND THIS IS WHAT I BELIEVE DESPITE LACK OF RESEARCH AND I WILL ARGUE WITH YOU UNTIL I MAKE YOU AGREE BECAUSE I AM AN AMERICAN. 
anyway, where were we? Um, I got two new piercings. yay. I like them a lot. I found these cat earrings from when I was in, like, 3rd grade and they're amazing. Also I was talking about all my detachable collars with my grandma and she was like, "Oh I think I have a bag of those upstairs from when I was younger actually" and I was just like, "uhhhhhhhhhhh brb dying." LIFEEEE. 
kaycool look at pictures of me and then awesome inspiration.  
Collar: Grandma's/Shirt: Homemade/Overalls: Granny's Attic (this is a thrift store, not literally my grandmother's attic)/Belt:Goodwill/Pins: Mom's vintage, photography museum, craft faires etc/Socks: F21/Shoes: F21
OMG 3 piercings, when did that happen??
And inspiration that loosely goes with this:
 DIY Badges. 
 Brittany Murphy. Clueless 1995
Source unknown
Rookie Roadtrip 2012.
 A.J. Langer. My So-Called Life 1994.
Michal Pudelka
**Tumblr images aside, most of these will take you to their source if you click on them.
***I'm sorry if I did not source you correctly. If something here is yours and you want me to source it/take it down let me know. Also, if there's something here that you know is from somewhere please tell me in the comments. THANKS


  1. oh mah gosh bru!!!!! you are soooo lucky and rebel. I want another piercing:)
    loving the overalls:)and the inspiration is awesome.

    1. AHH. thank you! Also, I got an ear infection and had to take one of them out (*SOB*)
      but I friggin' love these overalls.