Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Koi Fishes

So this weekend, when I went to get my cartilage pierced and the place was closed, I found a new and AWESOME place that sells vintage/reconstructed clothing. I honestly think it is my new favorite store. Not only are all the clothes adorable and vintage, but it's also pretty inexpensive. This shirt was $13. And it's totally unique and I'm never gonna see someone else wearing it. My friend actually said, "I love that shirt! I love clothes that tell a story" which we sort of laughed about at the time, but actually is true. I love that the image on this shirt totally have a narrative. And I love that it goes from trees, to water, to koi fish on the sleeves and that each side of the collar is different. GAH. I just love it.
I'm so empty of GOOD RANTS today. I had a relatively good day so I don't really have much to rant about.  Um. Also I'm doing a "lately" post soon so I don't want to talk about my life just yet. Okay well, enjoy your lives. If you're in California I hope you're enjoying this heat wave more than I am. Why is it 94 degrees outside right now? AHHH.
(**TO CLARIFY: it wasn't 94 degrees when I was wearing this)
Flower Crown: Homemade/Shirt: Vintage/Necklace: F21/Belt: Goodwill/Skirt: F21/Socks: UO/Shoes: UO
picture of my nails. I'm gettin' fancy with this. 

<3 <3

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