Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Despotism of the Petticoat

**WARNING: this post uses some profanity, so if you're easily offended, read on with caution**
So this title is from letters between John and Abigail Adams. John replies to Abigail's demand that he give women more rights by saying that giving women more rights would only lead to the despotism of the petticoats i.e. women becoming all powerful. I love this idea and thought it fit in perfectly with my rant o' the day about Feminism and things.
So, wearing crazy things to school has always been a thing I liked a lot, and despite weird looks/backhanded compliments/comments, I always think of a new way to get the "really?" look; the newest being this amazing petticoat from my grandmother's attic. Anyway, I don't mind the "really?" look that much, I understand that not everyone understands why I would want to ever stand out in the way that I do and that's fine, but the thing that is not okay with me is people who assume that I'm stupid because I like shopping and clothes. Mostly this is youtube people posting dick-ish things on youtube because it's the internet and they can say what they'd never say in real life because they are protected by the anonymity of the internet like, "The only people who believe fashion is art are the teenage girls who aren't good at anything else." The thing with these internet comments are that there is absolutely nothing I can say to this person to make them believe that this is totally untrue. But the most annoying thing about this isn't that I won't convince this one person, but that there are millions of other people who agree with this asshole. And going along with that, I sometimes feel like people automatically assume by seeing me that I am not intelligent or articulate because I like clothes. This entire idea that girls who like clothes cannot be intelligent is disgusting. Look at Tavi Gevinson, oh I'm sorry, is she suddenly unintelligent simple because she likes clothes? Fuck no. So never ever assume that just because someone says that one of their favorite things to do is go shopping, or you see a girl in a pink tutu, because she may be a lot more intelligent than you assume.
Anyway, here is my outfit of late. It's great. I freaking love this petticoat ANNNDDD I'm getting these frilling socks that are pastel colors in the mail soon and they will go so  well with it and I'm so excited. AUGH. I spend way to much money on clothes. (*sigh*). Also, I tried to give myself milk maid braids, but what with my curly and unwashed-for-three-days hair, it's a little difficult to tell.
And as always, some other  girls rockin' the petticoat/tutu and at the end a journal entry I made:
 FRAKKING HOME MADE TUTU! Marlena is officially the best. 
Naturally Dapper is also such the best. 
Rent outfit. Source unknown
 Tavi Gevinson rocking the multi-layered tutu. 
 Meadham Kirchhoff Spring 2012
Source unknown
 Source unknown
 This makes me miss summer. Or just a time when I could actually go have a picnic of some sort. 
Source unknown
Journal Entry. Maya 2012. 

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