Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CT 86 Why can't we all be a little weird? (4/11/11)

Well, why can't we? I know everyone has that little nerdy/weird side that they are afraid to show. I like to show that in my rainbow suspenders and "nerd" glasses.
I don't see why everyone has to hide their weird side, sure some people don't understand, but those who do are the cool ones.
Fashion is my outlet for my weirdness, and I like to be proud of it no matter how many times my dad laughs when I walk down stairs. (he's proud of me, I mean, he has to be with his socks and sandals)

Anyway, here is my outfit today. Although we had no school, I was reading fashion blogs like Fated To Be HatedThe Moptop and La Vagabond Dame, and I felt lame going out so boring in just a plaid shirt and jeans.

Headband:bolt of fabric in my room/glasses:my grandmas old glasses, I took the lenses out/earrings:f21/necklace:homemade/shirt:homemade/belt:granny's attic (thrift store)/
sweater:crossroads (consignment store)/pants:f21/cowboy boots:thrift town (thrift store)

 In black in white makes everything look better. :) I love how dramatic my lips look in this photo because I'm wearing this bright pink lip stick/stain.
 Look how bright and pretty my lips look here
My beautiful back yard 
My beautiful front yard :)
Love the shadows here
I love this one! I photoshopped it obviously with th corners, but I love the photo  
I love these flowers by the Oakland Public Library.  The Rockridge branch has these cascading flowers that are so gorgeous.

See you all tomorrow, sorry if you are tired of my fashion blogging, buuuuttt....it's fun for me and I am so inspired by these fashion blogs! Seriously though, look at my "Blogs I follow that you should too" it's almost ALL fashion blogs that I am now obsessed with. Like ftbh and Amanda Brohman


  1. great details, love your top.

    ~ xoxo :)

  2. You are so awesome!! Thank you so much for putting my blog on your blogs to follow list. You honestly just made my day.
    Thank you :)
    By the way...LOVE both your glasses and top!


  3. thank you so much! Your blog is awesome! You inspire me :)

  4. The top turned out wonderfully!

    Loved your curly hair! :)


  5. thanks! ahhh! so many sweet comments! :)

    i love your blog too, by the way!