Monday, April 18, 2011

CT 92 "You and I" (4/17/11)

I did a collage on the 17th, which I think turned out kind of cute. I was feeling like doing a collage, but I didn't really have an idea. I found this picture I took of graffiti on the wall of a bathroom and for some reason I though of this song called "You and I" by Ingrid Michelson. It is a great song. It's about this couple and it is sung in the point of view of the girl, though, come to think of it, the guy sings a few lines. The chorus is about all the sweet things they would do if they got rich like buy their parents houses in france, give everyone sweaters and build a house on a mountain, which, obviously, is the line I was most inspired by. 

This is such a sweet, happy song and I wanted to keep that feeling in my collage. I don't know if I captured it in your mind, but this is how I pictured it. I tried to stylize what the lyrics were saying and make it my own although I am pretty literal, I mean; "let's get rich and build our on a mountain making everybody look like ants" is pretty much exactly what I collaged. I really like the book pages as the sky because, to me, it feels more like a picture book illustration, which I somehow connect to this song. I don't know, I encourage you to listen to it because then you can understand what I am ranting about. 

Well, that's all for now. 
<3 Maya

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