Monday, April 18, 2011

CT 90 "Now That I've Found You Stay" (4/15/11)

Ah, the pure bliss of watching Heath Ledger singing this song. (*sigh*)
10 Things I Hate About You is, and always will be, my favorite movie of all time. It's so sweet and it's set in the 80's-which is my favorite time period clothing-wise (although it is set in Seattle so they are more in the grunge era than the typical 80's fashion era that I love)- and it's got Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon Levitt (although Joseph has not quite got to the attractive stage yet, he still counts because he's adorable). That movie is such a classic. Who couldn't love Patrick singing "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" (link to that here) to Kat and she finally says yes to him asking her out (that is where the quote in the title is from)? And this scene? (*sigh*) Ah well, on with the post, enough with the ranting about 10 Things I Hate About You

AAH!! Spring Break is over and I no longer have the leisure time to post everyday. Today, surprisingly, I do have time to post and I am going to try and catch up. I'm not quite sure how I got behind during break, but I was very busy....watching Flight of The Concords... (just kidding, I did a lot of other things)

Alright, the the REAL POST: I finally got around to taking the photos of the clothes I got thrift shopping over break. (Which is what the quote is about, you know, finding clothes and stuff) Although these pictures were spread out over a few days, the first ones were taken on the fifteenth which I am counting as my creative thing for the day. 

70's coat
high waisted floral pants-side
I can't decide if I should cut these into shorts or keep them as pants, ideas?
turkish pants-front

turkish pants- side

Granny Sweater. I love this sweater, it's really warm and cozy. It's big, but I like it. 
Crocheted Shirt
Okay, I have not yet cut the suspenders pants into shorts, so I didn't take a photo of them. 
If you look at my spring wish-list I've actually got quite a few of the things I wanted to get :)

<3 Maya

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  1. Love the 70s coat!! That's so cute! Im pretty jealous hahaha