Thursday, April 21, 2011

CT 96 Why does my happiness depend on the weather? (4/21/11)

 YAY! Today it actually feels  looks a bit like spring! It is chilly, but it felt a bit more like spring today with the clear blue sky and the beautiful sunlight. I wore my new floral pants, a crop top tank top with a floral cut out pattern on the back, my gladiator sandals and LOTS OF accessories.

After school the lighting was so pretty, I had to go out and take some pictures. Since I didn't take any outfit pictures today because I didn't have my tripod when I went outside (and it is a bit more embarrassing when there are people around) I took pictures of my accessories. Here they are, enjoy!

Look at the lighting here! Summer is coming soon! 
I really like the blurred flower in the foreground. All the colors of these flowers were so gorgeous! Look at this light lilac/lavender! Wow. 
 I don't tend to like red roses because they've become so cliché, but this salmony-orange makes the roses more interesting. 
This grey-green and the purples are so pretty together!
I love the orange added to the already-great color combo.  It's very springy!
I like that you can see the little daises behind these flowers. 
I'm loving the pinks together!
Sunglasses from Granny's Attic
I love these earrings! They look so cool on this branch with the sky behind them!
Earrings: vintage, gifted from my aunt. 
The necklaces I was wearing yesterday are the same ones I wore today.
Necklace from the White Elephant Sale. 

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