Wednesday, April 13, 2011

CT 87 Spring, Alas, has not quite come... (4/12/11)

But we all wish it had stayed from last week! Where did the 80 degree weather go? :(
Ah, well, I am still hanging on to the whiffs of spring I can slightly smell in the air...
I'm not quite sure why I feel nostalgic about spring, since it's still happening, and, in fact, has pretty much just started, but, I guess, spring only counts when it's warm. Don't you agree? Spring is not spring if it's cold outside! The sky is stilled tinted with a little too much grey for my taste.
I was a bit hopeful this morning when I decided to make a sheer shirt out of this fabric I got at the Depot. $2 for a yard of fabric? I think yes.

 Here are the plans for my shirt-dress. I was hoping sort of an oversized t-shirt thing would be good.
 I am trying to show the sheerness of the fabric here.
 again, the sheerness of the fabric
I didn't have enough fabric to make it a shirt-dress. I was holding it up against the grain :P
So I made this shirt pattern on the newspaper. 
 I pinned it to my fabric
 and cut it out
 I sewed it together and hemmed everything
 and viola! We have a springy shirt that I will not wear again until it is above 65 degrees. Ah, well, it was a hopeful top. I tried to do poses that showed the sheerness of the top, but I ended up feeling stupid in some of them.

 The top looks good here, I think. As do I, if I do say so myself. :)
This one is blurry, but I kind of liked it like that.