Monday, April 11, 2011

CT 83 Dream A Little Dream of Me (4/10/11)

This title doesn't have anything to do with my post really, but I love that song and wanted to use that quote since we did 50's songs in A Capella (my singing class).

ugly shirt before, super baggy
So much better after!
 Heres the brand new shirt I made from scratch, I had some lace laying around that I've been meaning to do something with and I finally was like, "just do it" and I did. Here's the result:
I cut up an old shirt and took in the tube
then I sewed on the lace and the lace straps

Here's my new top. I love it! I've never really made a shirt before, but I'd say it turned out good :)
side view. I didn't have enough lace to cover the back, so it's just white...
I love the little peek of skin at the bottom and the straps that are so versatile!
 They can be halter or pinned to be regular.  :)
I loved making this shirt! It was really fun and I've been meaning to do something with that lace.
I also have been meaning to fix my Totoro shirt because I would never wear it baggy like that, now I'll totally wear it out somewhere!

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