Thursday, April 14, 2011

CT 88 Pulp Fashion and Goodwill Outlet (4/14/11)

Today I went to San Francisco with my friend.  We went to the Palace of the Legion of Honor to see the Pulp Fashion exhibit. I wish I could post pictures, it was so amazing!  Isabelle de Borchgrave made all these victorian dresses out of paper. Click the link on the words "Pulp Fashion" to see the website and look at some pictures and videos of how she made it.  Some were made copying the clothes in paintings like Stanzione's Portrait, or people like The Medici Family, and some were her own creation. All her creations show so much work and time put into them, click here and you'll see one of my personal favorites. Isn't the pattern just stunning? And look at the hairpiece! Can you imagine the work that went into that? It's all paper. Amazing.  If you are anywhere near San Francisco and like clothes, fashion, or paper I recommend going, it was amazing.
I also went to the Goodwill Outlet, which, in Seattle, is a store where you search for clothes in giant bins and pay about $2 per POUND of clothes. Here, however, although the clothes are still in bins, you pay per item, which means it's a little more money, but still really cheap. I mean $2 for a pair of pants cheap, and it's Goodwill, so it goes to a good cause.
Here are the bins, it's really fun to look through all the clothes and fid treasures. After I wash them, I'll model them and post them. 
I scored an awesome 70's rainbow coat, a cute grandma sweater, turkish pants, these pin striped pants with suspenders attached (which I am going to cut into shorts), and a pleated top.

I tried to convince my friend to buy this and wear it to school, but she wouldn't. She did buy another sweater-vest though.

As for my creative thing of the day, I took this flower photo (surprise, surprise) and I am hoping to make a shirt today.
I love spring break; although I have been super busy, I have managed to do a lot of fun stuff which makes me happy. Although relaxing is good, I always end up feeling lazy. I usually like to be really productive during breaks and sleep and not be that productive on the weekends.

Hope you are all having a great week
<3  Maya

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