Friday, June 24, 2011

CT 158 "When I look at my city, somethings not right/no doubt it's so pretty/but they turned out the lights" (6/24/11)

Today, I wore this outfit to summer school.
It was a bit chillier today than it has been the rest of the week, but I wore a cardigan, so I was fine.
I really like this shirt, crop tops are really right now, and this shirt was originally long with a weird tie thing which I didn't like, so I cut it shorter. So it's partly a DIY top. Even though the flowered back isn't exactly red, in these photos it looks almost like my lipstick matches it perfect! :)

Bow:Scrap of fabric/Shirt:F21/Tuxedo Shorts:Goodwill/Bandeau:F21/Necklace:Craft Faire
song in title:
Big Ben by Jaymay

Thanks dad for the photos <3


  1. I love the back of your top! :) This is a lovely outfit

  2. thanks so much!
    It means a lot!
    (love your blog, btw!)