Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CT 148 (part two) A Summer in Black and Beige (6/14/11)

I've been obsessed with getting new clothes and I was SO exited when I finally got paid for this job I did, and then I spent all of the money on my new lens and music. :(
Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with both purchases (Azure Ray and Iron and Wine CD's definitely worth it, as well as the lens of course) but I wish I had at least a little extra money to buy things. I was going to buy these shoes, but having only $15 left after the lens music, I couldn't really afford the $50 that they are worth or buy any clothes, really.

When I only have enough for barely one thing, I have a hard time deciding on what to get, because even if I like something, I can't buy it because I'm afraid I'll find something better.

Okay I bought this shirt, but I'm not quite sure it counts...

Anyway, because I have been LUSTING after so many clothes and make-up things recently, I made a polyvore set, which always calms me down a bit. I found that I pretty much wanted beige and black clothes. Ah, well, I am ready for one chic summer...
I guess I have to explain this since it is not always quite clear
I want:
Sheer things
sandal wedges
cute flat sandals
things with peter pan collars
blazers (beige or black)
big floppy hat
red lipstick
tortoise shell sunglasses (circular)
more fake glasses
dream catcher inspired jewlery

Anyway, I hope you are all having a fantastic week and pretty soon I will (probably) be better at posting since it will be SUMMER!
<3 you my lovelies-

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