Monday, June 13, 2011

CT 145 Beret (6/11/11)

Beret: found from the depths of my room/Dress:F21/Crocheted top:Thrift Time/Nylons:Cappezio/Shoes:Wanted/Bag:Recycle Reuse
I went to the East Bay Open Studios today. Some were really cool and some were just okay, but it was really fun. I wanted to wear something comfortable, but cute. This is what I decided on. 

I walked around and went to a garage sale where I got a FREE POLAROID camera, which was super awesome, but my dad said they don't make the film for it anymore, which was sad. He said he also had a better version of it (SX-70) which they also no longer made the film for, which sucks since polaroid cameras are AWESOME. We decided to walk up to the photography store (The Looking Glass) anyway and there was a sign outside that said "IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT: Monochrome film for SX-70 and any polaroids that take 600 film." The one I just got for free took 600 film and they now made it for my dad's old camera. It was so perfect! Unfortunately since it's new (well re-new) its $25 for 8 sheets which kind of sucks...but it's still AWESOME.  
Not only was that amazingly perfect, but I've been really wanting a zoom lens for a while and when we were at the camera store and they had a 75-300 lens for my camera for $100 which, for you non-SLR-camera-owners, is a really good deal. So I bought that. Here are the pictures that came as a result of this amazing day. 

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