Wednesday, June 8, 2011

CT 135 Sonnet (6/1/11)

We had to write a sonnet for english, and I kind of liked mine- here it is.

Here is the translation if you can't read handwriting is not the most legible I've ever seen:

If truth be told I do not know much/of life or love, for that begs need/of other godly wisdom that in such:/we cannot know that which we do not bleed/for pain brings things never thought before this/and you learn more than every was held captive/of the heart or the brian that before was missed/ but thought of pain is still not attractive/most wish to be spared from the hurt of his/for to learn of death by deaths foul schemes/ cannot even be what the pained learning is/for death is endless sleep but without dreams./In truth I know not much: I mostly recede/and we cannot know that which we do not bleed. 

the first line is one syllable too few and the last two are both one too many, and there are a couple CLOSE rhymes instead of real rhymes, but that's good enough. 


  1. looks nice:) WHat did you get for it?
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  2. I think this is truly lovely. Well done.

    x Michelle |