Saturday, June 18, 2011

CT 152 If it's summer, why is it so cold? (6/18/11)

 Today we had a birthday party for my grandpa/graduation party for my brother at my aunts house in San Francisco. I wore this old maxi skirt as a strapless dress. I love the pattern, but I couldn't figure out a good way to wear it as a maxi skirt and neither could my mom so she gave it to me to cut up and I was going to make it into a skirt, but I decided to try it as a strapless dress and I actually like it quite a bit like this.
I had decided to wear it yesterday, but it was a LOT colder and windier than I expected it to be so I was a little chilly on the deck and ended up wearing a blanket and a huge skiing jacket.
Dress: Old maxi skirt/Belt:Thrift Town/Hat:Crossroads

Photo on the way in of the bridge.

 Yummy cakes.
My aunt and her new puppy <3

After we got home I made this collage about my conflict with wanting to relax during this summer, but not wanting to miss any of it. "working to not waste time" meaning that I have to try really hard to not do nothing.
As for the summer plan I promised to tell you about:
I want to get a notebook and try to fill it by the end of the summer.
It's basically like what I already do on this blog, but in one notebook. That way I can have everything creative I do this summer in one notebook that I can look back on to see all my accomplishments. That way I wont feel like I did nothing at the end of the summer.
It will be a little different from this blog because not all the things I do will be creative, maybe I'll write a list of things I need to buy, what I want to do or clothes I want to get. Maybe I'll do a little doodle. Maybe I'll press flowers. I don't really know yet, but the creative things I do, like collages or paintings etc, will obviously be shared. There is a sale at Blick this weekend so I will get the notebook soon and start the summer journaling.
Anyway, goodnight lovelies
(and hello to my new followers! Sorry for the lame posts lately, they are usually better-well, this post is pretty good...)
<3 you all

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