Friday, June 24, 2011

CT 157 Faces (6/23/11)

Since the new journal has sewn together pages, it's not too difficult to use the whole surface across the two pages like the above collage. 
This particular collage took FOREVER to make; I had to go through all our magazines and rip out every single correctly sized face. And even when I'd finished it, I wasn't sure what to put ontop, I knew I wanted some kind of writing, but I couldn't think of a good quote or saying or anything. Then, just by coincidence, I was humming this song and realized it had one line that fit it perfectly! Regina Spektors lyrics always take a bit of thought to figure out, but they are always creative and interesting and, well, thought provoking. :)
She's such a great music artist! If you haven't heard her music, look it up on youtube, or create a pandora station for her. I love her music. The lyrics are...well...weird sometimes, but interesting all the same (as I said before)
Anyway see you guys tomorrow!

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