Friday, June 24, 2011

CT 155 Going Places (6/21/11)

Today I made a collage about travel. I really felt like going some place and seeing sights. Then I was thinking about how badly I want to go to New York, so I used the NY map to make this collage. Around the edge is a series of photos of me cartwheeling.

My family never travels, really. I wish we could go places, but it's expensive to travel. 
I would love to go to Italy though and Paris and, I don't know. Other places. I would just love to see the world.  That may be part of my fascination with maps, besides the fact that I just love how they look. They're so interesting looking. Maybe, having not grown up looking at maps that often, I don't see them as streets and parks and things, I just see them as pretty colors and numbers and an almost abstract art, in a way. 
Anyway, I love them. 
<3 Maya

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