Monday, June 20, 2011

CT 154 Urban (6/20/11)

This is the kind of outfit I think of when I think urban. When I think sky scrapers and graffiti I think of this.  I wish I had some dark shorts, but these light wash were fine anyway.
My dad didn't have a lot of time so we couldn't go where I wanted to go and photograph in front of some graffiti, but I like the stripes all the same.
Maybe if we have time later that will work out.

It's funny how easily you can make a mickey mouse shirt edgy. I just threw on some red lipstick, black and gold belt, high-high-high top converse, suspenders and a bow and I was ready to go.
Every time I wear these shoes, at least one person comment on them. You would think it would at least be sometime like "wow" or even "those shoes sure make a statement" that's the kind of reaction I would expect, but the comment I get is always the same. Someone says "wow, those must take forever to lace up" That's such a weird comment and I get it every time. Without fail if I wear these someone will say that. I suppose they're just trying to make small talk, but I don't know what kind of small talk can really come out of that. It totally reminds me of this comic. (A little difference: in the comic, the person is pointing out the obvious, but it comes to the same point)

Anyway, I'm going to go now, I hope I do more things today and I will post if I do.
<3 Maya

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