Sunday, June 19, 2011

CT 153 Today it Feels Like Summer (6/19/11)

Today we went to my grandparents for a fathers-day/graduation for my brother thing. I took these photos 
in my grandparent's garden and on the way there (the first six are from their garden the last four are from the walk there) 

My dad took these photos of me in my grandparent's garden. I was wearing my aunts old shirt/dress as a dress. and it has POCKETS. That is such a deal breaker for me. pockets. Oh how I love them. 

It was nice, today actually FELT like summer. I could wear a dress and not be uncomfortable. I was actually hot, unlike yesterdays dreary weather (although, I was in San Francisco all day yesterday).
Today was like a REAL summer day with ice cold drinks on the balcony and card games with family. With ice cream and cake in the summer sun. With sun hats and bowls full of grapes. It was great, we were walking home at eight and the sun was still out and it was that wonderful temperature where it is just a little cooler than your skin so you feel...fresh? I suppose. It's not cold but it's not hot, it's fresh.
It was such a nice day.
Tomorrow I have to wake up early to work at the summer school :(
But it will be fun, it's not the bad summer school where you learn math and stuff. It's the kind where you take cooking and ceramics and arts and crafts etc. It's actually really fun, I just hate having to wake up early. I am not exactly what one would call an early bird, (I woke up at 11:00am yesterday and 10:30am today) but I'm sure it will be fine.
I'm working in cooking and arts and crafts, which I have done for the past three years, so it'll be fun.
(I'm trying to convince myself that waking up early will be worth it...)
I'll see you guys tomorrow.
Have a lovely, well-rested day-
<3 Maya

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