Sunday, May 1, 2011

CT 97 Fun in the Cemetary (4/22/11)

Sorry for being absent for a while there. I had a dance showcase for dance P.E. and the last show was yesterday, but, in all honesty, I was waiting until my friend sent me these pictures we took in the cemetery together the other day. I got them yesterday and I am finally getting a chance to put them up.

My friend and I went to the cemetery together to take photos of each other in different places. It was foggy and freezing, but that can sometimes create the best photos. Personally, I like when the light is warm, but foggy lighting makes crisper photos, I suppose.

Anyway, sorry it took me so long to post, but my friend is amazing and these photos are worth the wait. (I took some of her too, but again, I can't put them up without her parents permission blah blah blah, so here are the pictures she took of me)

This one is probably my favorite

Dress: H&M/Crocheted Top: Thrift Town/Glasses:From Grandma/Headband:stip of fabric/Earrings:f21/sweater tights:f21/Boots:Thrift Town/Necklace: Mini Maker Faire/Flower: Flower Shop on Piedmont Ave.
I love this hat! It's my friends, but I need to buy one like it. I love the black and white with the sunflower as well.
I love the bricks
I love the reflection here
I love this one too!
I took this photo in the reflection  
I love the crocheted pattern!
I love these colors!
My friend and I were walking back from the cemetery with our bags and cameras and we both stopped and took out our cameras to take a picture of the same sign. I love when that happens. Those colors were so amazing with the brown rust and the green and red paint.


  1. I love how all the pic have a similar pattern to them! the woven hat, the bars, bricks, crochet and the fence...
    What is your hat size, I may have a hat for you... measure around your brim and let me know!

  2. thank you!
    I just measured my head and I am 23 inches around what I think is the brim. I have kind of a big head, but if the hat would fit me, that would be awesome! Thank you so much!