Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CT 197 New Houses and a Rose Archway (8/3/11)

This morning we went to see our friends' new houses. One of our friends bought a beautiful window-y house with a gorgeous rose archway and the other bought and equally beautiful crimson house with white trim. My camera was almost out of batteries so I didn't take many at the reddish house instead using all my battery to take photos and have photos taken of me and my friend under the beautiful archway.

Dress:Home Altered (originally from Thrift Town)/Belt:Granny's Attic/Sandals (not pictured): Crossroads
(Another completely thrifted outfit!)

Ziggy :)

This is my grandparents house that I lived in for three years of my life. I love this house so much since I grew up in and out of it. I've fallen in love with all it's quirks.

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