Thursday, August 18, 2011

CT 207 Great Gatsby Festival and New Accessories (8/13/11)

Today (still in Tahoe) we went to Yoga on the beach at 8:00, which was very refreshing and surprisingly difficult. We then went to Taylor creek where people had carved things into the Aspen trees. The trees then "scabbed over" so to speak and and created these amazing patterns on the tree that were indiscernible as words, but made for great photos. Above that are two new things: a cuff bracelet I got on Vashon and a pair of suede booties I purchased here in Tahoe. I love both immensely and can tell you now that they will be featured in many outfits to come.
Later in the day we popped into the Great Gatsby Festival. It sounds totally amazing, which is why I was so exited to go, but it was a complete bust. For someone who goes to the Dickens fair every year, the Great Gatsby festival was nothing short of boring. They had great vintage clothing (all out of my price range, especially with a new pair of shoes), but other than that I didn't find anything interesting about the place. They didn't have any craft booths, which I would have loved or really any good vintage things other than the cool post cards they were selling for a dollar and, obviously, the clothes. I did, however, get a few photos (the umbrella and cars).

I hope you're all having a lovely summer. :)

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